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The powerful capabilities of Helix are guided by intuitive controls, designed to get you off the ground effortlessly.


Designed for vertical takeoff and landing

All-Electric Aircraft

No emissions, fast-charging

Recreation and Short-Hop Travel

Adaptable to your journey

Auto Takeoff and Landing

Precise maneuvers with ease of use

No Pilot License Required

Comprehensive training included

Cruise Control

Simple operation, built for enjoyment

A happy customer sitting inside a BlackFly eVTOL aircraft with rolling hills in the background.


Rotate the model to explore the features that truly set the Helix apart.

Tilt aircraft

The Helix airframe tilts upwards for vertical takeoff and landing, and pivots to horizontal for forward flight. Other eVTOLs pivot their rotors or wings, not their airframes.

With fewer moving parts, our tilt aircraft reduces weight and complexity, leading to increased range, safety, and reliability.

Landing surfaces

Helix's simple unibody design significantly increases the places that pilots can take off and land, whether it's grass, dirt, gravel, asphalt, or concrete. A replaceable keel strip protects the belly of the aircraft.

Tandem wings

Unique among light eVTOLs, Helix's efficient blown-lift design increases lift during forward flight and supports smooth takeoffs and landings.The wings are easy to detach for transportation and storage.


Placed at the end of the winglets and under the fuselage, five floats enable Helix to make safe emergency landings on water. The floats further increase the use of Helix for flight over water while increasing overall safety.

Propulsion system

The Helix fly-by-wire system takes the complexity out of flying by transmitting signals from the joystick to eight propulsion units and elevons via our electronic guidance, navigation, and control system.

Each propulsion unit consists of two high performance batteries, an electric motor, and a state-of-the-art carbon propeller. By reducing the number of moving parts, we have turned our unique design into a key contributor to Helix's high thrust-to-weight ratio and safety.

Radar-guided autoland

By reducing pilot workload, the Helix autoland feature enhances safety during one of the two most critical phases of flight.

Four radar altimeter sensors precisely track the aircraft's altitude above ground level (AGL) to ensure that pilots are confident that landing will be both accurate and easy.

Aircraft parachute

The ballistic parachute allows pilots to land safely in the rare event of an in-flight emergency. Another of Helix's many safety features.


Dual joyticks, one on each side of the flightdeck, allow pilots to use their preferred hand to control Helix simply and intuitively. The second joystick is a safety backup.


The canopy is seamlessly integrated into the airframe, offering pilots an unparalleled field of view while optimizing aerodynamics.

Pilots can choose between clear or tinted canopies, tailoring their selection to suit the demands of their flight environment, whether low-light or bright daylight conditions.

Setting the standard

for safety

Take to the skies confidently, knowing that everything we do begins and ends with safety. From continuous design evolution to extensive testing, training, monitoring, and support, Pivotal sets and raises the safety bar for light eVTOL aircraft.

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