Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who flies the BlackFly today and will fly the Helix when it's released in 2024?

Because the BlackFly is classified as a Part 103 Ultralight aircraft by the FAA, our pilots are not required to have pilot certification by the FAA. That said, Pivotal requires every customer to successfully complete a one- to two-week training course at our headquarters in Palo Alto, California to be eligible to fly our aircraft.

Our current early access customers are a mix of pilots and non-pilots. What they have in common is a sense of adventure — they love to soar above incredible landscapes, do short-hop travel, and reach hard-to-access areas.

In the longer term, we see Pivotal's light eVTOL technology evolving to serve a wide range of personal, public service, and defense applications.

Will the BlackFly and the Helix operate as air taxis?

The BlackFly and the Helix are single-seat light eVTOLs and are not designed to serve as commercial air taxis.

I'd like to follow Pivotal on social media. Where can I find you?
Is all the footage on your YouTube channel of real aircraft?

Yes, everything you see in YouTube is the real deal. There is no CGI, and all footage is of full-scale vehicles. You can find our videos here.

Can I purchase stock in Pivotal?

As a privately-owned company, we do not offer shares through a public stock exchange.


When will Helix be available for purchase?

We have announced that the Helix will be available to order on the Pivotal website starting January 9, 2024. Please join our mailing list, and we'll keep you posted on further details as we get closer to our sales kickoff.

How much does the Helix cost?

The Helix price is $190,000 for the basic model, which comes with a standard charger. Upgrades and options will be sold at an additional cost. Stay tuned for additional pricing details between now and January 9, 2024.

Do you have an Early Access Program (EAP)? How can I participate?

Yes! Our EAP for the BlackFly aircraft provides Pivotal with invaluable feedback on every aspect of the customer experience and allows us to engage with a select group of our most eager customers.

To qualify for early access, you must:

  • Live in the United States
  • Have access to Class G airspace
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to commit time to the program

Once selected, all EAP participants are required to:

  • Purchase a BlackFly aircraft
  • Engage in the full customer experience
  • Complete all required flight training

To learn more, please contact our sales team via the form on our I Want To Fly page.

Can I get on a waiting list to purchase a Helix? Can I put down a deposit?

You’ll be able to order a Helix starting January 9, 2024. When we receive your deposit, we’ll notify you of your ship date and ask you to sign up for training. If you qualify for early access, you may order a BlackFly now.

To stay up to date on the latest news about both aircraft, we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list.

Where can I see the BlackFly in person?

We list upcoming airshows at the top of the Pivotal homepage and announce them through our newsletters and social media. The Helix is still in development and not flying in airshows just yet.

Can I test fly a BlackFly?

Sorry - we don’t offer test flights, because the BlackFly requires successful completion of Pivotal flight training for pilots to be eligible to fly.

Aircraft Features

Do the BlackFly and Helix wings rotate?

No. The wings are fixed to the fuselage to minimize cost, weight, and complexity. Instead, the entire aircraft tilts to enter hover mode — one of Helix’s most distinctive design features.

How do I transport the BlackFly?

A 16' road trailer can hold everything needed to take the BlackFly to uncongested, Class G airspace areas. The same will be true for the Helix.

How do I move the BlackFly once it is on the ground?

The BlackFly comes with a vehicle cart that allows an adult to easily move it over flat or paved surfaces.

What colors does the BlackFly come in? What about the Helix?

We offer a simple black color scheme for the BlackFly, and the Helix will be released with a combination of white, copper, and black.

Will Pivotal make a 2- and/or 4-seat version?

We’ve consciously chosen to enter the market with a light, single-seat eVTOL. Larger aircraft options are part of our growth plans.

Is the BlackFly an amphibious aircraft?

The amphibious capability of the BlackFly is limited to emergency landings only.


Is the BlackFly an ultralight aircraft?

Yes, the BlackFly complies with the FAA Part 103 (Ultralight) regulation. The Helix, our next generation aircraft, will also be an ultralight.

Do I need a pilot license to fly a BlackFly or a Helix?

Because our light eVTOL aircraft complies with Federal Aviation Regulation Part 103 (US), no pilot license is required. To ensure safe operation of both the BlackFly and the Helix, Pivotal requires each pilot to successfully complete our comprehensive flight training.